Cirencester Expansion

Some of the current major regeneration and development projects on-going in Cirencester

  • the Chesterton SUPER development (2,350 New homes)
  • the Siddington Farm retirement village (£26 million retirement and care home complex)
  • The Old TH White site retirement homes (34 new flats)
  • Somerford Road retirement village (35 new flats and homes)
  • St. James’ Place headquarters (Project 2)
  • The Brewery Cinema Complex and RAU student accommodation (work currently seem to be on hold)
  • The Brewery Arts Centre (refurbishment of theatre to provide accommodation for art students)
  • Cirencester Amphitheatre – regeneration  and community project
  • Cirencester Market Place – £1.6 million regeneration project to regenerate the town centre (Starts 2016)
  • Corinium Via (Phase 2)
  • Le Spa retirement village (new planning application)

Save Our Cirencester campaign fighting the proposed SUPER development proposed for Chesterton

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Farmland at Chesterton, part of the site of the proposed development

The area covered by the proposed development lies to the south of the existing limits of the town and is bounded by Tetbury Road to the west and Spratsgate Lane/Wilkinson Road to the east.  The site covers around 120 hectares, a little under 300 acres.

Although the site has been assessed as suitable for housing:

  • it is actively farmed for productive crop growing;
  • it is crossed by gas pipes and electricity pylons which will limit the area which can be used;
  • it includes listed buildings and part of a scheduled ancient monument which further limit development capacity.  (The site of the scheduled ancient monument can be seen via the following link to  English Heritage:  

As of 21st August there are contractors on site, apparently doing archaeological surveying, even if the extent of the works does appear to dwarf those of Time Team!

 DSC_0179 pse auto (1600x1060)

DSCN0411 pse (1200x1600)

These works have now concluded (October 2014) and the site returned to productive agriculture – for the time being at least.