CDC Local Plan Consultation

CDC Consultation Exercise December 2015

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Have you commented yet on the Local Plan’s latest consultation exercise? This consultation marks another key stage in preparing the new Local Plan. It follows on from the Development Strategy and Site Allocations consultation in January 2015, which included requests to comment on objectives for the Local Plan. This time around, the public is being asked to focus on whether the planning policies would deliver sustainable development which helps to meet the Local Plan’s objectives.…/public-consultation-on-local-…/

Closing date for all submissions: Midday, Monday 21 December

CDC Local Plan Consultation February 2015

The Save Our Cirencester campaign  The following is the content of an e-mail sent from Save Our Cirencester to everyone who registered with us to receive them. If you are not one of those people, please let us know to be added to the list.

“Fellow Residents, As you may be aware, the formal consultation process on the proposed Local Plan has commenced – now is the time for all of us to respond. Some guidance notes (Local Plan Consultation – Guidance from SOC) are attached and we suggest that you carefully study them (and some of the referenced websites and documents) before responding to CDC. It is vital that we all provide responses by 5pm on Friday 27th February 2015. Some additional information:

◾Cirencester Town Council is holding a Public Exhibition and Consultation during the week of 26th January (see attached Planning Leaflet – January 2015). Please make every effort to attend.

◾ There are increasing valid concerns about the absence of solutions to infrastructure issues – see the online discussion: Additionally, silence surrounds any proposed solutions to the obvious traffic issues associated with access to the site.

◾ CDC has distributed the attached leaflet (Future Growth of Cirencester 2014) containing their positive spin on the proposed Chesterton farm development. As one of our members commented: “of the eight bullet points only one is completely true – the land is available. All the others are only half-truths or misleading.”

◾CDC is hosting a drop-in session for residents to view proposals and discuss them with the Forward Planning team, on Wednesday, 28th January at the council’s Cirencester headquarters on Trinity Road . The session will run from 2 pm to 6.30 pm.

Please share this email with friends, relatives, neighbours – let’s all try to forward it to at least 5 others and encourage them to provide responses to the consultation.

The SOC Team”

Here are the documents referred to in the above text:

Local Plan Consultation – Guidance from SOC 1


Planning Leaflet – January 2015

SOC house poster