How to register an objection with CDC

The link below will guide you through the Cotswold District Council online process which you need to use to register an objection to the Bathurst Chesterton Development.



SOC update -Town Council meeting next week AND C.D.C. consultation

Cirencester Town Council Meeting Tuesday 19th July at 7pm


You may wish to attend next Tuesday’s Cirencester Town Council Meeting as there are some very interesting items on the agenda. The meeting starts at 7pm and is at Bingham House, Dyer Street , Cirencester.


The agenda can be read by following the link above. We wish to draw your attention to the following items in the agenda:


16. JOINT CORPORATE AND PLANNING GROUP UPDATE To receive, for information, an update relating to the work of the Joint Corporate and Planning Group in considering evidence and preparing a draft response for Council in respect of the Chesterton South Outline Planning Application.


18. COTSWOLD DISTRICT COUNCIL EMERGING LOCAL PLAN REG.19 CONSULTATION 18.1 To consider and approve the draft response to the Reg. 19 consultation. 18.2 To delegate authority to the CEO, in consultation with the Chairman of the Council and Lead Member for Planning, to finalise the response ahead of the closing date of Monday, 8th August 2016.


IMPORTANT NOTE: There will be a public consultation event relating to the Reg. 19 consultation and design code, including an update relating to the work of the joint corporate and planning group, at Bingham House, Dyer Street on Thursday 21st July at 4pm, hosted by Andrew Tubb and Andrea Pellegram.


We would urge you to attend these events and share your views with our town council.


CDC Local Plan Reg 19 Consultation


Please make sure your responses to the CDC Reg 19 consultation are submitted before the closing date of 8th August. All responses to this current consultation will be made available to the Local Plan Inspector. If you wish to reiterate points you have made before that have not been resolved then do so.


Please share this email with friends and neighbours.

“Wake Up Cirencester” – look what is in store for our town !



Do you know about Cotswold District Council’s plan to allocate the majority of the Cotswold district’s new houses for the next 15 years to Cirencester ?

  • 80% of the Cotswold District is designated as AONB
  • This means that 100% of the district’s housing need has to be squeezed onto the remaining 20% of land
  • Shouldn’t this make the Cotswold District a special case with regard to planning rules ?

The ruling CDC Cabinet has recently been expanded from 5 to 7 members, yet Cirencester still has no representation on it. 

  • There is no-one looking after the interests of Cirencester on this ruling decision making body
  • Is that fair?

The Chesterton Farm site belongs to the Bathurst Estate. They have submitted an application to build 2,350 houses on the 120 hectare site.

  • Major high pressure gas pipelines, originally located in open countryside for safety reasons, run across the site
  • Thames Water point out that the existing water supply is insufficient to meet the demands of the proposed development. A suggested solution will use energy to pump water to the site
  • Thames Water has also confirmed that a new sewer will be needed all the way to the Shorncote Treatment Works
  • Much of the site has been found to be undevelopable; the 2,350 houses will now be squeezed into less than half the original space
  • The site is too far from the town centre for most to contemplate walking; car use will be the preferred means of transport, our roads will become jammed

Do you know what 2,350 houses looks like?  

  • It is six times the size of the Kingshill North development.
  • It is the equivalent to the whole of Tetbury, the second biggest town in the district

Cirencester is being allocated more new houses than any other town of its size in the whole of the country.

  • CDC have allocated Cirencester 17 new houses per 100 existing residents, as opposed to an average of 7 elsewhere in the country
  • Cirencester is to get two and a half times the average
  • Is that fair?

The Bathurst Outline Planning Application appears to be under-reporting a number of very important aspects.

The site is classed by Natural England (and others) as “best and most versatile agricultural land, much of it ALC Grades 2 and 3a. The Bathurst application dismisses it as the poorer Grades 3b and 4

  • A technical appendix to the Ecological Baseline Report showed a map dated Oct 2009 indicating six species-rich hedgerows in the middle third of the site. However in the Ecological Baseline Part 8 for 2015, all those same hedgerows were classed as species-poor

You can read more of the reasons against 2,350 houses on this site on our page in previous issues of Cirencester Scene online:

Cirencester is too small to take a development of this enormity.

SOC are fighting to significantly reduce the number of houses on the Chesterton site.

Everyone must act now and object to this extraordinary planning application. Cirencester needs houses. It does not need a dormitory appendage like this.

Object to the application (reference number 16/00054/OUT) at:

It is not too late.



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News from Council Meeting / Come to SOC Drop-in

Fellow residents of Cirencester

CDC voted on Local Plan on 17th May – the vote was split on political/geographical grounds

There’s still a way to go – we fight on

Determination of the Bathurst application will be in September at the earliest

SOC requests call in

The Local Plan examination is scheduled for next year

SOC drop-in session on Wednesday 8th June

Cirencester needs YOU.

Come and chat with us on Wednesday 8th June 6-9pm at The Crown, West Market Place, Cirencester (downstairs in the Denman room)

Spread the word – we are all in this together.




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IMPORTANT CDC MEETING – next Tuesday (17th May) at 10am

The next CDC full council meeting is a very important one – they are going to look at the draft submission version (Reg 19) of the Local Plan before it goes out for public consultation. This is the LAST consultation before the Plan is submitted for inspection and approval (or not).

Save Our Cirencester members have tabled 10 vital questions on behalf of Cirencester’s residents. Written answers will be circulated at the meeting and, more importantly, each questioner gets the opportunity to ask a supplementary question at the meeting – which should be answered by the councillor concerned on the spot.

Not easy for them – but potentially very interesting for the public!

The agenda (and our questions) can be read by following this link:

Tuesday 17th May, starting at 10am at the CDC Council Chamber, Trinity Road , Cirencester , GL7 1PX

Please be there to support us at this meeting.

Placards and banners acceptable outside the Council Chamber from 9.30 onwards, if you wish. It is beneficial to us if a dignified and ‘professional’ approach is adopted inside the council chamber.

Bring a friend.

Share this email.

Spread the word.


Thank you.

The SOC team.

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Council confirms proposed expansion plans – consultation starts 16th January

The following message has gone out today (12th December) to those people for whom Save Our Cirencester has e-mail details.  If you wish to be included in future items, please let us have your e-address – see our contact details towards the end of the message.

“Fellow Residents of Cirencester, As many of you may be aware, the “ruling six” of CDC ‘rubber stamped’ their proposed expansion of Cirencester at last week’s Cabinet Meeting. Some councillors voiced objections and even requested an extension to the minimum 6 week consultation period (a similar request from SOC made prior to the meeting had already been refused) but CDC’s blinkers were firmly fixed and their minds closed. The headlines for the meeting were:


  • The total number of houses allocated to be built in the Cotswolds area has been increased by over 600 to 7,500
  • The number of houses for the proposed expansion at Chesterton was revised to 2,350 (previously 2,500)
  • The formal public consultation on the Local Plan will run from Friday 16th January until 27th February


The entire set of documents supporting the local plan can be found at:


The key document is Appendix A as this, when updated and corrected, will be formally issued and will be the basis of the consultation process against which objections/comments etc can be made. The SOC Team are already studying this (along with the supporting documents) to begin formulating a response strategy. We would urge you all to become familiar with this document prior to the consultation starting so that you can begin to formulate your views and ideas on responses in advance.


We will be providing guidance on how best to respond, but your participation in the consultation process is vital to the cause of significantly reducing the number of new houses proposed for Cirencester. This “rallying call” will be repeated during the period leading up to, and during, the consultation! Please start to spread the word with friends, neighbours, relatives, work colleagues etc.

Other news:


  • Some of the SOC Team will be meeting with Geoffrey Clifton-Brown on Saturday 13th December to voice our opposition to the proposed Local Plan and to seek his support.
  • From a survey conducted by a local group:

5% of people support the development as proposed;
12% would support it with proper infrastructure;
78% are against
5% undecided

We need the information in this email to reach as many people as possible. Please forward this email to five or more of your friends. If you have received this as a forwarded email you may not be on our SOC database, so please send your email address to us at and we will keep you updated.

We at Save Our Cirencester wish you all a Happy Christmas.

The SOC team.

Alternative to Chesterton for Local Plan?

According to a response to the Cotswold District Council Local Plan Consultation, there is a realistic development opportunity on a brownfield site at the airfield at Kemble. Strangely, the Council makes no mention of this, or any other brownfield site in its consultation document, stating Chesterton to be the only strategic site within the district capable of satisfying CDC’s entire housing needs.

If there is a proposal on the table, or even an outline for consideration, hasn’t the District Council a responsibility to research and consider ALL possible options for the future of the Cotswolds, and indeed the town where CDC itself is based? Shouldn’t this be done before CDC rubber-stamps its own incomplete propaganda? After all, the Government has indicated the desirability of achieving development on brownfield sites in preference to greenfield ones. Of course, there are other factors to be considered – among them various potential infrastructure issues relating to transport, water and sewerage, and the impact on the surrounding community and services.

If CDC looked responsibly at all these matters, perhaps the people of this area could have more faith in those paid, and elected, to supposedly serve us.

Please read details of this alternative option in the document below:

Alternative site for Cotswold housing

Now is the time for YOU to voice support for this alternative development site. Please contact CDC with your support for this option, giving reason(s) to support your view.

Written support can be sent to:

Local Plan Consultation
Forward Planning Team
Cotswold District Council
Council Offices
Trinity Road

Email your support to:

Comments can be made on-line:

There is little time to act – make a difference and respond before Friday 27th February.

Cotswold District Council Local Plan Consultation – Important Notice

You may recall that Save Our Cirencester (SOC) ran an “Awareness Day” at a market stall in Cirencester, following the submission of a possible alternative strategic site on brownfield land at Kemble Airfield.

Many people wanting to support the inclusion of this site in the Local Plan took away consultation forms from us. We have been contacted by someone who was viewing their comment, now that CDC has uploaded them to the consultation website. Their form had specifically stated that they were objecting to policies SP3 and SP5, yet it has only been uploaded against SP5 and not against SP3. Further checks have found further instances of this. 

Please check your comment appears against BOTH policies, if that is what you wrote on your form. If it doesn’t then please let us know, but importantly also contact CDC and insist that they change to accurately reflect your submission.

You can use this link to check, under section 7 Strategic Policies.

Plea to local residents – Respond now on the Kemble development proposal

Fellow Residents of Cirencester


Last week a letter from Cllr Nick Parsons, CDC Deputy Leader and Cabinet member for Forward Planning, appeared in the W&G Standard. In it Cllr Parsons wrote, “We wish to make it clear that the forthcoming CEG publicity events regarding development proposals for Kemble airfield are NOT endorsed by Cotswold District Council and they are NOT part of the formal Local Plan consultation process”.


We have known all along that CDC are ignoring anything but the Bathurst development at Chesterton. There are many questions being asked regarding the integrity of the draft Local Plan and the competence of our District Council.


We were given the opportunity to compare and contrast the two sites at public exhibitions last week. The Kemble airfield site offers many advantages over the Bathurst Chesterton site. It is unbelievable that CDC is currently excluding it (and other viable sites) from their Local Plan in favour of the Bathurst Chesterton site. For some time CDC have clearly been failing in its duty to investigate all possible options, and Cirencester could suffer greatly unless we do all we can to change things.


You can view the exhibition boards for each site online:


For the Bathurst Chesterton site click here:


For the Kemble Airfield site click here:


Advantages of the Kemble Airfield site over the Bathurst Chesterton site include:

  • Kemble is a brownfield site, Chesterton is not.
  • Kemble Airfield will be a new village, not a huge ghetto bolted onto the distant edge of a market town.
  • Kemble has a railway station, Chesterton does not.
  • The Kemble site is better located are far as traffic issues are concerned.
  • Kemble Airfield already has a water supply; Chesterton is fraught with problems concerning water supply and sewerage.
  • Kemble Airfield will bring high quality broadband which will benefit many surrounding villages.
  • Kemble Airfield will bring a gas supply which will also benefit the whole area.
  • Employment already exists on the site and much of it will be retained.
  • Dyson plan to bring 2,000 new jobs to Malmesbury, so housing in Kemble would be beneficial.


There is currently very little confidence in the CDC Local Plan process. To restore any credibility CDC must include the proposed development for Kemble in the Local Plan before it is submitted to the Planning Inspectorate (expected 2016).


To this end we are asking you to complete the short questionnaire on the Kemble Airfield exhibition page. The more responses received the more weight it will have to push CDC to act correctly in its duties.


The questionnaire can be accessed directly here:


Or email your views to:

Or call 0800 6122790

Or write to: Tristan Fitzgerald Associates, Westpoint, 78 Queens Road , Clifton , Bristol , BS8 1QU


Finally please forward this email and information to your friends and neighbours in the Cotswold District.


Thank you,

 The SOC team.