About Us

Most groups find it necessary to have some form of organisational structure to help them function.  So, whilst Save Our Cirencester exists basically to be the mouthpiece of you, the people of Cirencester, it has also been appropriate to set up a committee to represent you.

The committee is:

  • Chairman – Mark Pratley   e:mail: mrprtly@aol.com
  • Vice Chairman – Tony Golics   e-mail: golics@lineone.net
  • Campaign Secretary – John Nicholas   e-mail: johnvirginianicholas@tiscali.co.uk
  • Honorary Secretary – Anne Golics   e-mail: golics@lineone.net
  • Committee Member – Mike Grout   e-mail: mmgrout@yahoo.co.uk
  • Committee Member – Patrick Moylan   e-mail: moylan1@btinternet.com