SOC update -Town Council meeting next week AND C.D.C. consultation

Cirencester Town Council Meeting Tuesday 19th July at 7pm


You may wish to attend next Tuesday’s Cirencester Town Council Meeting as there are some very interesting items on the agenda. The meeting starts at 7pm and is at Bingham House, Dyer Street , Cirencester.


The agenda can be read by following the link above. We wish to draw your attention to the following items in the agenda:


16. JOINT CORPORATE AND PLANNING GROUP UPDATE To receive, for information, an update relating to the work of the Joint Corporate and Planning Group in considering evidence and preparing a draft response for Council in respect of the Chesterton South Outline Planning Application.


18. COTSWOLD DISTRICT COUNCIL EMERGING LOCAL PLAN REG.19 CONSULTATION 18.1 To consider and approve the draft response to the Reg. 19 consultation. 18.2 To delegate authority to the CEO, in consultation with the Chairman of the Council and Lead Member for Planning, to finalise the response ahead of the closing date of Monday, 8th August 2016.


IMPORTANT NOTE: There will be a public consultation event relating to the Reg. 19 consultation and design code, including an update relating to the work of the joint corporate and planning group, at Bingham House, Dyer Street on Thursday 21st July at 4pm, hosted by Andrew Tubb and Andrea Pellegram.


We would urge you to attend these events and share your views with our town council.


CDC Local Plan Reg 19 Consultation


Please make sure your responses to the CDC Reg 19 consultation are submitted before the closing date of 8th August. All responses to this current consultation will be made available to the Local Plan Inspector. If you wish to reiterate points you have made before that have not been resolved then do so.


Please share this email with friends and neighbours.