“Wake Up Cirencester” – look what is in store for our town !



Do you know about Cotswold District Council’s plan to allocate the majority of the Cotswold district’s new houses for the next 15 years to Cirencester ?

  • 80% of the Cotswold District is designated as AONB
  • This means that 100% of the district’s housing need has to be squeezed onto the remaining 20% of land
  • Shouldn’t this make the Cotswold District a special case with regard to planning rules ?

The ruling CDC Cabinet has recently been expanded from 5 to 7 members, yet Cirencester still has no representation on it. 

  • There is no-one looking after the interests of Cirencester on this ruling decision making body
  • Is that fair?

The Chesterton Farm site belongs to the Bathurst Estate. They have submitted an application to build 2,350 houses on the 120 hectare site.

  • Major high pressure gas pipelines, originally located in open countryside for safety reasons, run across the site
  • Thames Water point out that the existing water supply is insufficient to meet the demands of the proposed development. A suggested solution will use energy to pump water to the site
  • Thames Water has also confirmed that a new sewer will be needed all the way to the Shorncote Treatment Works
  • Much of the site has been found to be undevelopable; the 2,350 houses will now be squeezed into less than half the original space
  • The site is too far from the town centre for most to contemplate walking; car use will be the preferred means of transport, our roads will become jammed

Do you know what 2,350 houses looks like?  

  • It is six times the size of the Kingshill North development.
  • It is the equivalent to the whole of Tetbury, the second biggest town in the district

Cirencester is being allocated more new houses than any other town of its size in the whole of the country.

  • CDC have allocated Cirencester 17 new houses per 100 existing residents, as opposed to an average of 7 elsewhere in the country
  • Cirencester is to get two and a half times the average
  • Is that fair?

The Bathurst Outline Planning Application appears to be under-reporting a number of very important aspects.

The site is classed by Natural England (and others) as “best and most versatile agricultural land, much of it ALC Grades 2 and 3a. The Bathurst application dismisses it as the poorer Grades 3b and 4

  • A technical appendix to the Ecological Baseline Report showed a map dated Oct 2009 indicating six species-rich hedgerows in the middle third of the site. However in the Ecological Baseline Part 8 for 2015, all those same hedgerows were classed as species-poor

You can read more of the reasons against 2,350 houses on this site on our page in previous issues of Cirencester Scene online:


Cirencester is too small to take a development of this enormity.

SOC are fighting to significantly reduce the number of houses on the Chesterton site.

Everyone must act now and object to this extraordinary planning application. Cirencester needs houses. It does not need a dormitory appendage like this.

Object to the application (reference number 16/00054/OUT) at:


It is not too late.


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