Save Our Cirencester – The Fight goes on!



is a group of Cirencester residents who, like so many others, care about its future. We would like the character of the town to be retained so it remains a pleasant place to live in with the new homes it needs and deserves.

The Immediate Threat
A massive 2,350 homes development which the Earl Bathurst and the Cotswold District Council want to build on farmland on the edge of our town. 2,350 homes is equivalent to a town the size of Tetbury.

 What Do The People Want?
We want Cirencester to be treated fairly. Save Our Cirencester has found no other comparable market town in England which is taking anywhere near the burden the Council is imposing on Cirencester.

 We want houses, Cirencester should have the right mix and type of houses to meet its needs. SOC believes this can be achieved without destroying Cirencester. We don’t wan’t Cirencester to be swamped.

“We are the capital of the Cotswolds, a historic Roman Town with character. What they are planning is the destruction of a lovely Cotswold town into a faceless characterless urban Satellite A Cirencester Resident

 A Small Selection of People’s Comments:

“It is obvious that the town is already bursting at the seams, parking in particular is a huge and increasing problem for those working and wanting to shop in the town. I, like thousands of others, fail to see how Lord Bathurst’s so-called legacy of building 2500 new homes on the edge of this lovely town, will be beneficial.”

“The developers claim that people will walk or cycle is a joke. Few will walk for half an hour or more each way and fewer still will cycle up and down the hills on the overstretched roads”

“I’m sure if the proposal was scaled down to 250 or 500 homes the local population would respond in a far more positive manner. From a personal point of view, if this planning application is approved, I will be relocating my business elsewhere!”

If this development is approved by the council then you’re letting down every resident and future generations of this town

“We can assume that most of those dwellings have at least one car and probably two so we could be looking at 4-5,000 more cars to accommodate. Where on earth will they go ?”

And here’s a suggestion from a resident to CDC:

If the number of units was moderated down, the development shown to be good design and a good proportion of the proceeds of the increased value to the landowner were spent on Cirencester, then I would support the application.

……… So would Save Our Cirencester, and most people in the town!

People have asked questions that CDC has failed to answer:

  • How fair is it that Cirencester gets relatively more houses than any town anywhere in England? Especially when fairness is supposed to be a major plank of the Local Plan.
  • Why have other applications for good housing developments been rejected for reasons that apply equally to the Earl Bathurst extension to Cirencester ?
  • Why, even if the Cotswold District and Cirencester meet their housing needs by building new homes, will the 2,350 house Earl Bathurst extension of Chesterton be ring-fenced and still go ahead within the same timescale ?
  • When figures obtained by Freedom of Information request identify a shortage of affordable homes across the Cotswold district, why is affordable housing being over-provided in Cirencester ?
  • Why have the significant restrictions on usable space, and maintenance of common density standards, not reduced the number of houses proposed for the Earl Bathurst extension of Cirencester ?
  • Why does the council not accept that the claims by Bathurst on walking time and cycling propensity are misleading and undermines sustainability of the Bathurst proposed extension of Cirencester ?
  • In a situation where a single local landowner will reap huge financial advantage, why have the Council not allayed concerns about potential conflicts of interest ?
  • Unlike other Town and Parish Councils, why has the Town Council, and other community bodies, not opposed this extension of Cirencester ?
  • Why does the Council refuse to even acknowledge the sensitivities and human cost of this ?

What Can I Do?

  • The Earl Bathhurst has applied for planning permission. It can be found on the CDC Planning Portal:
  • When you have reviewed the application and, if you oppose it, you should object as described below.
  • Enter your objections online at:
  • Write your objections to:

Planning Department
Cotswold District Council
Trinity Road,
Cirencester, GL7 1PX

quote Application Reference: 16/00054/OUT

Your Town Councillor: see
Your District Councillor: see

  • Attend Council Meetings and voice your views:

Cirencester Town Council 8th March 19:00 Town Council Meeting to discuss Bathurst OPA
Cotswold District Council 17th March 16:00 Cabinet Meeting

Save Our Cirencester: